A Wake Up Call from the New Chinese Counterculture

I leaned back in my seat, closed my eyes, and fell asleep. The slight vibrations sent up from the tracks below sort of rocked me. There are few things more comfortable than sleeping on a train. Perfect. Three or so hours slip by, then suddenly I’m jolted awake. I shake to a start and peered […]

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While China Destroys its Historic Buildings Taiwan Saves Them

We’re told that China has a 5,000 year old civilization, but from walking down the streets of most cities the country appears to have been founded somewhere in the vicinity of late 1970s. To put it simply, beyond select tourist attractions and random structures scattered around historically kinetic places like Shanghai, it’s an oddity to […]

Batam-Indonesia-Minaret (1)

Batam: Portrait of a Free Trade Zone

Batam is a free trade zone, and all free trade zones are the same. They are artificial places, created through bi-lateral governmental decrees drawn up by drape jowled, be-suited old men in board rooms. They are intentionally drawn on maps, sectioned off with gates, and abstractly induced with special economic policies that instantly turn them […]


5 Chinese Ghost Cities that Came Alive

As China’s ghost cities fill up they are forgotten by an international media that is hungry for sensationalism, not information on the most expansive urbanization movement in human history.


Jeepneys in the Philippines

If you had to choose one thing to represent the Philippines there is a good chance it would be the jeepney. I set out to learn more about the tradition and history of this iconic vehicle, and this is what I found.


11 Chinese Cities That Are Built on What Was Once Water

Each day China grows larger and larger. Land is being reclaimed from the sea along the country’s coastlines at a frantic pace, pushing its boundaries out farther and farther. How big China will eventually get nobody knows. This is a list of 11 places in China that were built on what was once water.

Xiamen Kinmen propaghanda sign

China, Taiwan One Country Two Governments is Happening

Two giant signs separate the two Chinas. Or, more precisely, the two governments of the one China. One is on Xiamen Island, PRC, the other on an island of Kinmen, ROC. This was the final standoff of the Chinese Civil War. Chiang Kai-shek and the nationalist government were booted out of Beijing and they retreated […]